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Cardiff – Streets Unplugged 2012

Streets Unplugged 2012 - Cardiff

With the success and awesome memories of Streets Unplugged in Swansea the previous day still fresh in our heads, Just Ben & Big D rocked up at my place Breakfast in hand and ready to see what Cardiff had to offer. Swansea felt nice, like a group of mates killing time. playing some tunes and […]

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Swansea – Streets Unplugged 2012

Streets Unplugged - B, Big D & Just Ben

It was with great trepidation, that Big D and Myself, 2 of the soon to be 3 streets unplugged amigos, took our last sip of tea and loaded the flourescent Man Tractor with various donated music making devices. Was this a stupid idea?  Will anyone come out to play? Didn’t matter anyway at that point, […]

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Streets Unplugged locations and times – seriously….we need you!

Streets Unplugged - We Need You!

With the streets-unplugged yellow bus of noise heading out tomorrow on the 1st leg of our flash jam mission, we’re wondering if you’re coming out to play. We’re in desperate need of some guitarist/vocalist/singer types to come and join us to get our jams going and flowing. If you’re in a band and can do […]

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9 days to go til streets unplugged

So here we are, 9 days out from the start of our streets unplugged uber-busk/jam mission, and there’s a few more updates we need to bring you. Big D was having a chat with one of the guys from Sonor, they make drum stuff and have an office in South Wales – they liked the […]

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You will know us by the glow of our ride…and social networks.

Streets Unplugged Man-Tractor

Streets unplugged have had a few already ask where we’re gonna be exactly, and how will we find you? – that sort of stuff. Well, we’re not gonna be hard to find I can promise you that, but right this sceond, we can’t tell you exactly. Suffice to say we’ll be in the centre…somewhere. We […]

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Paiste Cymbals? Check!

paiste cymbals

Its like Christmas here at Streets Unplugged HQ with all manner of cool stuff arriving. Today, a little present from Paiste, the cymbal people, arrived at streets unplugged HQ, adding pressure to D’s already overflowing happy gland. So here’s a somewhat grainy pic of D with a 19″ Paiste Rock Crash. Come and hit them!

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Aria P-Bass arrives at Streets Unplugged HQ

Aria STB-Series P-Bass

Its awsome for streets unplugged to be getting help and support from such big names and such generous people, which is why its great when pledged equipment arrives at steets HQ. “Good things come to those who wait” – I’m sure this is true to some extent, however, its just been proven otherwise. I don’t […]

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Aria & Roland join the party

True story… After a chat about the innermost details of sonic vibrations, it was decided that it is possible that if the group gets too large, an acoustic bass guitar will be lost to any and all. So the question was posed, what we gonna do about that? Turns out that its a problem easily […]

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We have a ‘point man’!

Just Ben On-Board

With kit list confirmation now arriving at Streets Unplugged HQ, and lists of things to do that are so long, it has induced a notebook buying frenzy, D and myself sat down to trash out a general plan of how this was going to work. Armed with notebook and pen, it didn’t take us long […]

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Tanglewood, Pearl & Paiste…all in on the act.


So last week I was off on my holidays, and D took it upon himself to make some phone calls to try to make a few things happen. Now, D could sell Chocolate Buttons to Willy-Wonka, but he still managed to surprise me with the outcome of his phone calls. He had a chat to […]

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2012 reason to flash-jam

So, for 2012 money raised at our flash jams will begoing to the new Childrens Hospital in Wales, specifically the Childrens Heart Investigation Unit. For those wanting to know what prompted us to do this – read about Louie and his family below. Louie was born in February 2009 following a normal pregnancy. To our […]

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Childrens Heart Unit for Wales

Childrens Heart Unit for Wales

Its all very well us saying we’re raising money for childrens charities, “but which ones?” you must be asking, “…and how do you choose?” Well, as this is our first run at some thing like this, we’re choosing something close to home and something that has affected at least one of our lives. One of […]

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Flash jams…for charity? Whose idea was that, then?

D - it's all his fault

…would quite rightly be my first question, if I didn’t already know the answer. Having already suffered 24 hours in a skatepark raising money for charity a few years previously at the hands of the same ‘ideas man’ who set us on this road of cramped travelling and logistical nightmares, I knew I couldnt’ say […]

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